A Cut Above The Rest

With over twenty-five years of knowledge and experience, M&R Accounting, LLC is here to help you establish and improve your accounting system and business practices.  We service many industries with added emphasis on the vast healthcare community.

M&R Accounting, LLC understands each business entity is distinct and unique in operation, management, and reputation.  We contour services to fit your needs.  We will take the time to understand your circumstances and requirements, identify issues, overcome challenges, and guide you on the path to success.  

We are available wherever you may be within the United States of America.  We bring the experts straight to you.  Our trusted staff and partners will work with you.  We prepare and monitor your daily transactions to ensure your detailed records reconcile seamlessly into your bank statements, general ledger, financial statements, and finally, your taxes.  The financial accuracy and health of your company is as important to us, as it is to you. 

Medicare providers will be pleased to know that we work in concert with Manis & Ryan to provide a one-stop shop for your accounting and Medicare cost reporting needs.  Medicare Cost Report like your taxes, is subject to federal audit.  Medicare audits are federal investigations, which could  lead to Fiscal Intermediary suspension of Medicare payments.  We suggest trusting your accounting to the experts at M&R Accounting, LLC.  We promise to guide and help you avoid any interruption with your operations.  Together, we can team up for success.

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